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Devon Ramsay Rises from the Dead

In a rare reversal, fullback Devon Ramsay has won his appeal against the NCAA, and will be eligible to play a fourth season at UNC next year. Ramsay was a late casualty of the NCAA's academic investigation, playing against LSU, East Carolina and Georgia Tech before being pulled. The NCAA then ruled him permanently ineligible in November, and although he maintained his innocence, everyone figured he was toast. But a re-examination of the e-mails, which involved suggested changes to a sociology paper, led the NCAA to the conclusion that everything was proper and above board. He's free to play next year, his final season.

It's rather rough that he lost a year's worth of eligibility over this; his only stats were two receptions, one of which resulted in a touchdown against LSU. But Ramsay is more of a blocking back, and his contributions don't always show up on paper. He'll be needed next season, especially with an unseasoned quarterback and probably a renewed emphasis on the running game, as Shaun Draughn (oops) and Ryan Houston will both return.

In the end, twelve UNC players were investigated over the improper tutoring question. Seven were found to have committed no violation, yet missed a total of twenty-three games. Four were penalized by the honor court, of which three had to redshirt for the year – along with Houston, who was redshirted despite being cleared – while Kendric Burney had a grade lowered by the honor court and eventually returned to the field. The twelfth player, Michael McAdoo, was declared permanently ineligible by the NCAA.