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More Reactions to Larry Drew's Departure

From my brief tour of the internet this afternoon, the reaction to Larry Drew's sudden departure pretty much breaks down into three groups. About 30% is confused, but just willing to let him go; another 20% is pretty irked at Drew, especially for the way this all went down. And the remaining 50%? They really dislike Larry Drew's parents.

This Inside Carolina article pretty much lays out all the criticisms of the Drew family, all attributed to "sources." The most bizarre story is the one that Sharon Drew called the basketball office in a fury in reaction to the news that John Wall had talked to Roy Williams. The more important tidbit, however, is that the basketball staff was scrambling last spring to keep their options open with point guard recruits, so sure were they that Drew was transferring at the end of the season. Observations that Drew was a reserved, distant teammate don't mean much, though. He and Justin Watts (EDIT: and Tyler Zeller, duh) are the only two players remaining from the championship team, and he's had a lot of contemporaries leave the team in the last year. I might be reserved, too. Still the fact that his teammates found out about his departure on Facebook, and seem to be less than broken-up doesn't speak particularly well about him.

My other favor "sources say" comment comes from Andy Katz, who has a source telling him that Iowa State is not interested in Drew. That's not as out of left field as you may think; Iowa State is recruiting Korie Lucious, recently of Michigan State, and have a couple of other transfers on their roster. This does bring up the question of where exactly Drew is headed. He won't be able to take the court until the fall of 2012, and I'm not sure how many teams will want him if he only has one season of eligibility. What are the odds of him going the Brandon Jennings route, and playing in Europe for a while to build up the skills for the NBA? I don't know enough about his situation to know whether he considers it an option. It might be the best option, for now.