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UNC Finds a Backup Point Guard in Stilman White

I don't comment much on recruiting, but this struck my interest. On his radio show on Monday, Roy Williams responded to a question about recruiting a point guard to spell Kendall Marshall this way:

"How confident am I about adding a point guard? Not very confident ... For us, we thought we'd have Larry, Dexter and Kendall and we don't really want to have four point guards on our team so we did not recruit a point guard. Larry leaving in the middle of the year as he did, and I think 89 of the Top 100 prospects signed in the fall, so those guys aren't available now. So we are still looking and you never can tell what we might have, but there's not anyone out there that is a McDonald's All-American kind of player that we're going to add. But we are still looking to add another point guard to have an insurance policy. I think we're working on it very hard and hopefully we'll find something."

And twenty-four hours later, Carolina has their not-an-All-American in Stilman White. White, a senior out of Wilmington NC, will enroll at UNC and play next season. He'll then take two years off to complete his Mormon mission, and presumably return for the 2014-2015 season. White had also received offers unsurprisingly from BYU, Utah State and UNC-Wilmington. White had an assist-to-turnover ratio of 1.13 – 77 of the former and 68 of the latter – but also 54 steals.

So that's one less thing to worry about next season, at least. Now back to draft-announcement watch.