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ACC Conference-Only Women's Basketball Tempo-Free Stats

The ACC Women's Basketball Tournament got underway yesterday, and UNC, a 6th seed handily dispatched 11th-seeded Clemson, 78-64. The Heels snapped a four-game losing streak that finished off the regular season and banished them to the Thursday seeds; had they merely gone .500 over those last four games, the would have secured the 4th seed and a much easier road to the weekend. As it is, they meet Florida State, who they beat earlier in the season but is 11-3 with the best offense and the second biggest efficiency margin in the conference:



This is the last go-around for the senior trio of Cetera DeGraffenried, Italee Lucas, and Jessica Breland, who have been the primary engine of the Heels for most of their careers. If they can get by Florida State – and with one of the strongest defenses in the league, it's quite possible, they'll meet the winner of the Miami-N.C.State game, most likely the Hurricanes.