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Get Ready for a Thousand "I'm on a Boat!" References

Concept drawings of how the aircraft carrier game between UNC and Michigan State were released today, and, well, they look like someone drew a basketball court on an aircraft carrier deck. Sensibly, it seems all four sides of the court will be enclosed, greatly reducing the risk a freak accident will send Tyler Zeller hurtling into the San Diego Harbor. Other than that, an aircraft carrier hasn't been chosen, and we still don't know how feasible this whole thing is.

We do know who is in charge of making the this work, however – a company called Morale Entertainment. Founded by... um... a producer for Supertramp, the guy who may have invented in-flight ATMs (those are a thing?), someone who had something to do with televising the Olympics, and a state senator from Georgia, the company has previously sent college football coaches and Indy 500 drivers into the theater to meet soldiers with the USO. Their company history immediately blurs with that of Armed Forces Entertainment, the DoD agency that hosts such shows.

Frankly, I'm left feeling like the consultants from Office Space – I can't really grasp what Morale Entertainment does here. USO and Armed Forces Entertainment, I understand; they've been doing excellent work for generations. Can these guys pull off a basketball game on an aircraft carrier? I have no idea, but there's a vague possibility of a disaster. Luckily, UNC players are getting a lot of outdoor experience this spring, just in case.