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Robert Quinn Drafted 14th by the St. Louis Rams

The first of presumably many UNC players headed to the pros this season has been drafted, as the St. Louis Rams took defensive lineman Robert Quinn with the 14th pick. Quinn, of course, had his career at Carolina cut short by the whole agent-scandal and missed the entire 2010 season. He was still the only Tar Heel projected as a first round draftee, however, although where he would go was subject to much debate.

Andy Hutchins thinks this is a good fit for Quinn. He should be able to make an impact immediately, as the Rams had trouble pressuring the quarterback last season. They're building a strong defense under head coach Steve Spagnuolo, who was previously the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants where helped win a Super Bowl. Paired with Chris Long on the opposite end, he has the opportunity to help bring the Rams back to contention in his first few years.