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Why I'm Leery of the UNC Records Lawsuit, Among Other Things

Posting has been slow here for a number of reasons, the biggest one being the marathon I ran this past weekend occupying most of my free time. But I've also found I haven't had much to add to what's in the news. The Maryland coaching search was briefly interesting, with Sean Miller turning down his second, and presumably final, offer from an ACC school, and I want to tie it, the State search, and a couple of other thoughts together into something, but it hasn't gelled yet. Jeff Capel's return to Duke sparked some interest, but this piece from David Teel pretty much encompasses all the baseless speculation I was willing to make. The thing is, I don't think Capel is being groomed as the next Duke coach, and his return to Durham is exactly what he says it is – an opportunity that allows him to be more selective in his choice of a new head coaching gig. I also think that Mike Brey didn't take the Maryland job because he's keeping his chance to be the next Duke coach alive, but I have no idea whether that's plausible, or if he just loves living in South Bend.

I'm kidding, of course. No one likes living in South Bend.

That leaves the other big news of the week, the court ruling to give the media access to phone records and parking tickets of UNC football players – I'm unclear if it's just limited to the ones punished by the school and the NCAA, but since the reports on the subject focus heavily on John Blake's phone records, I'll assume it's everyone. And yet again, Doc at Tar Heel Fan has written much of what I want to say. As much as I want everything disclosed about the NCAA investigation as quickly as possible, this makes me uncomfortable. It is, for the most part, a fishing expedition – the only vehicle related rumor involves Marvin Austin driving Kentwan Balmer's SUV, which makes the parking ticket request a huge stretch – and I rather think student privacy should extend to records generated by the university beyond grades. Of course, I generated my fair share of tickets on campus n my time, so I would. Otherwise, a nosy reporter could bring my entire blogging empire to its knees.

Blogging will remain light until I'm driven to comment more on these events, or other things catch my eye. I still have the piece to write on the economics of the Cameron Crazies, and something about the new deadline to declare for the NBA draft, but those will have to come later, when I can feel my legs again. I'll try to keep the fanshots current with things I stumble across, however.

Oh, and this past weekend I ran a 3:41. I'm happy, at least.