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UNC Recieves Notice of Allegations, Doesn't Share With Class.

I got on a plane at about five today, ready to cross the country for work. Two hours later, the plane hasn't moved. Luckily, my frustration is being shared by pretty much the entire Carolina fan base. News has come out that UNC has recieved it's Notice of Allegations from the NCAA, and they intend to release it to the public today.

They just haven't said when today.

I don't have any more information than anyone else, of course. But I can say UNC isn't doing the greatest public relations job here. The window for the local news broadcasts has closed now, and all they have to report is that indeed the notice gas been sent. This just allows for speculation, and guarantees the same story will be getting a good deal of play on tommirow's evening broadcast. There are times you have to just be completely forthcoming, and this is one of those times.

My plane is now returning to the gate, by the way. Read into that whatever metaphor you may.