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Robert Quinn Is Being Sued by His Former Agent

It couldn't hurt to turn away from Butch Davis's firing and instead look at some of the players who ended is career in Chapel Hill. And just in time, here's Robert Quinn, being sued by his former agent, Carl Carey, Jr.. Carey is a former UNC grad student who was Julius Pepper's academic advisor, and then beginning in 2005 his agent. According to the filing, Carey supported Quinn and paid for his trainers in the Fall of 2010. During the lockout, he claims another agency swooped in, argued that Quinn should have been drafted higher and have endorsement deals; Quinn then signed with Impact Sports Football, Inc.. Carey stands to lose 3% of Quinn's twenty million dollar contract.

This has been a bad month for Carey and people representing UNC players in general. The Sports Agent Blog has a full list of the agent swapping amongst UNC alums. Quan Sturdivant has also fired Carey, signing with a different agency. Marvin Austin left his agency to sign with the same one Quinn did. Kendric Burney left Peter Schaeffer, one of the agents who was connected to Chris Hawkins, and Greg Little switched his representation over to Drew Rosenhaus.

Bruce Carter, at least, is sticking with Carey.