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Butch Davis Offered His Son a Scholarship to UNC

In the latest of a series of minor embarrassments to trickle out of UNC, Holden Thorp said today that he was "disappointed" that Butch Davis offered his son Drew a football scholarship without notifying either him or athletic director Dick Baddour. Davis the Younger is the quarterback at East Chapel Hill High, unranked by Rivals but reportedly pursued by Wake Forest and Connecticut, so it's not completely unreasonable that he would get a scholarship to Carolina.

Of course, with Davis getting $2.2 million a year as head coach, it's also reasonable to ask why his son didn't just walk on, keeping a scholarship free for another recruit. And yes, for appearance's sake, it would have been nice for the coach to run something this nepotistic by a superior. In the end, nothing will come of it, as I doubt Drew Davis will want to attend UNC giving the administrative changes. It's just another story to give State fans a chuckle.

Although if Davis did decide to enroll, he'd already be familiar with the academic support staff. So there's that.