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FSU 90 UNC 57

It was a perfect storm of crapitude resulting in the worst loss of the Roy Williams era. Road game with an amped crowd. Kendall Marshall had a ridiculous number of turnovers. No one could shoot. An opposing player goes off. The Heels were caught flatfooted early and never really recovered. So we can sit here and analyze the what we saw here today which I am not convinced is fully indicative of how the season will turn out or we can forget about it and move on. I still go back to how UNC played versus Kentucky and Texas as enough evidence they will be there when it counts. Obviously today is tough to swallow. For some reason this particular group is prone to having games like this. It doesn't mean these Heels won't be there when it counts, it is just bizarre. All you can hope for is the team takes this does what it needs to do to get better. Now it is on the players to have the pride and put in the effort to make this right.

What's done is done. All that matters now is how they bounce back in Blacksburg on Thursday.