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McAdoo May Not Play Against Miami

Yeah, I know. UNC has already had two instances this season where players were "doubtful" only to have them show up and play. James Michael McAdoo was one of them this past Saturday and it turned out to not be the best decision.

Via ESPN's Robbi Pickeral:

"James Michael played in the game Saturday with a sprained ankle, wasn’t very effective, and the ankle did swell even more on Sunday,’’ Williams said. "So more than likely -- and I said this last week, but he just thought he felt so much better on Saturday -- more than likely I won’t play him tomorrow night.

"And that means [Justin] Watts or Desmond [Hubert] will get a little more time, and we can also slide Harrison [Barnes] down to the 4, and get Reggie[Bullock] and Harrison and P.J. [Hairston] in at the same time as well."

There are a few guaranteed things that bring out the collective groans in the THF comments section and more minutes for Justin Watts is easily high on that list. Of course Watts is one of those players that executes what Roy Williams asks of him which means he will get some time on the floor. That being said, it is possible Roy opts for more Harrison Barnes and Reggie Bullock at the four. In fact a lineup that includes Barnes at the four and Bullock/Hairston at the three still gives you plenty of offense, more so that Watts or Desmond Hubert being out there.

The most important result is McAdoo getting healthy. I imagine the staff is kicking themselves a little now for having McAdoo play in what was a "gimmie game." Now McAdoo is out for a tougher opponent with two road games forthcoming after this one.