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Strickland Out For the Season With Torn ACL

<Insert string of profane words here>

UNC announced that junior wing guard Dexter Strickland suffered a torn ACL in his knee during the Virginia Tech game on Thursday night and would miss the rest of the season. Strickland will require surgery to repair the knee and joins fellow junior Leslie McDonald on the knee rehab circuit.

Obviously this is a huge blow for the Heels who will miss Strickland, especially on the defensive end. Strickland had also honed his offensive game to fit perfectly into this team's offense hitting opportunistic jumpers and pushing the ball to the basket in transition. In fact, Strickland knee occurred on a transition basket.

Strickland is one of the hardest working guys on the team and the ultimate team guy. Every great UNC team has had that "glue" guy and there is little doubt he will be missed in some measure through the rest of this season.

Thoughts and prayers for Dexter as he goes through surgery and rehab.