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Apparently February 3rd Is A Day of Celebration in the Drew Family

I'll probably shouldn't go here but....

Earlier on Friday, Some Other Kid's mom took to Twitter with this celebratory tweet.

Happy February 3rd!!! Today is a Good Day! A date forever etched n #TeamDrewCrew memory! #ThankGod#FreedomFromEvil#NoMoreLies#PeaceAtLast

Of course had Sharon Drew stopped there it would have been worth an eye roll and maybe a good belch. But she didn't, she followed that with a lot of talk about lies, deceit and alluding to the Penn State scandal because Roy Williams benching her pouty, selfish, turnover prone son is the same thing as covering up child rape. /sarcasm

You know what? That's okay. Obviously she is enjoying living in her reality so instead of being angry at someone so delusional we should join her in celebrating. After all #Feb3rd, as she calls it, gave way to this:

and this:

and this:

oh and this too:

So we applaud you Mrs. Drew, for making Feb. 3rd(it was actually Feb. 4th Roy Williams was told but I guess they wanted to celebrate early) happen. By having your son leave and removing a major obstacle to team chemistry from the UNC locker room the rest of us actually enjoyed the remainder of the 2011 season. The Drew family is happy. We're all happy!

Oh and I saw UCLA play last night. Have fun with that next year.