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John Henson's Inbounds Dunk

The shame of it was ESPN did not do multiple replays from various angles on it. Coming out of a timeout, it was a beautifully drawn and executed play. Barnes comes across the lane to the right wing and Henson screens for him. Henson then rolls and gets a screen from Bullock to move into the lane open for the alley-oop. In technical terms that is called screening for the screener and UNC has done it since Dean Smith. Tyler Zeller kept Mike Scott occupied though Scott had foul trouble so he wasn't going to help at any rate. Henson takes the pass and throws it down left handed over Joe Harris who was late due to the screen and also inside the charge arc.

I am little surprised as good as Tony Bennett is as a coach he didn't see this coming since UNC had the timeout to draw it up. After all, UNC has done it several times before with Henson.