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Kendall Marshall's Record Chase

A quick update on where Kendall Marshall stands in relation to various assist records.

Single Season Assist Mark

The UNC record for assists in one season is 284 set by Ed Cota in 35 games during the 1999-2000 season. Through 27 games Kendall Marshall has 262 assists putting him 23 assists away from breaking Cota's mark. Assuming Marshall maintains his current assist pace of 9.7 apg, then he will likely break Cota's mark in the Maryland game on February 29th which would be in five fewer games than it took Cota.

The ACC record for assists in one season is 303 by Georgia Tech's Craig Neal in 32 games or 9.5 apg. Marshall has a shot at breaking that record with four regular season games and at least one ACC Tournament game ahead of him. Based on Marshall's current average he would eclipse this mark in the first round of the ACC Tournament.

The NCAA single season assist record is 406 by Mark Wade of UNLV in 1987. Marshall would need to boost his present average and need UNC to reach the NCAA title game to have a shot. Using Marshall current average, he would only end up with 388 assists on the season in 40 games. Marshall would need to average 11.0 apg over the final 13 games to catch Wade. Incidentally Wade set his mark in 38 games, Marshall would need 40.

Assists Per Game

Another UNC record held by Ed Cota at 8.1 apg. In all likelihood Marshall will end up destroying this mark since he is currently sitting at 9.7 apg for the season. If UNC plays every game they can possibly play for the rest of this season(four regular season, three ACC Tournament and six NCAA tournament games) Marshall could post a paltry(for him) 5.0 apg and still end up ahead of Cota with 8.2 apg. As it stands I expect Marshall to end up a full 1.5 assists on average ahead of Cota which is just plain ridiculous.

In ACC play the record for assists per game is held by NC State's Chris Corchiani at 9.6 apg. Corchiani had 299 assists in 31 games during the 1991 season. Marshall is at 9.7 apg right now and his ACC games only average is 9.3 apg. For Marshall to reach 300 assists after 31 games he would need to average 9.5 apg which is in between his overall and ACC average.

Single Game Assist Mark

Marshall already holds some variation of game assist records. He set the UNC record for most assists in an ACC game with 16 vs Florida State(the now famous Screw Drew game) during which he also set a UNC freshman single game assist mark. Marshall tied the UNC record for an ACC game this season at Maryland. Last season Marshall also set the UNC record for assists in an NCAA Tournament game with 14 vs Washington in the 3rd Round.

The UNC record for assists in a game is 18 held by Raymond Felton vs George Mason in the 2003-04 season. The ACC record for assists in a game is 20 by NCSU's Chris Corchiani and Clemson's Grayson Marshall. Corchiani's 20 assist outing also doubles as the ACC assist record for a conference game. Grayson Marshall's total came in a non-conference outing.

Single game records are one of those things that really just happen. While we can extrapolate a player might break a season or career record based on averages, there is no way of doing the same in a single game. Such performances require certain factors to line up such as a high shooting percentage from pass recipients and a higher possession game. That being said, I think there is always a chance Marshall could have a huge assist night since he has four games of 15 assists or more this season and 11 where he went for double digits in the assist column. Making the jump from 15-16 assists to 20-21 would not take much.

A/TO Ratio

The UNC and ACC record is held by Ty Lawson at 3.48. Marshall is currently sitting at 3.44 but is only 2.8 in ACC play which has really brought his A/TO down. Prior to ACC play, Marshall's A/TO was 4.16 but there have been a few high turnover games(FSU, Maryland to name two) that have hurt his numbers. Obviously it is in the best interest of UNC's ACC and NCAA title hopes for Marshall to have more assists and fewer turnovers. Lawson's record is simply a bonus.