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New Boss Is Not the Same As the Old Boss

In a word: intense.

It would seem Larry Fedora and his staff have been putting the Carolina football team through a 6:00 AM boot camp. Tar Heel Blue has the video, entitled "Blue Dawn", that shows the team in these workouts on Monday with the remnants of Sunday night's snow still on the field.

Check out "Blue Dawn" here.

The early indications out of the Kenan Football Center are an emphasis on strength and conditioning that is markedly different from that of the previous regime, and this video would seem to bear that out. Add in Fedora's now legendary intensity and I would think fans will see a different attitude from the team this fall. That is not to say that one approach is better than the other, but it will certainly be different.

Now if the basketball team can bring that fire and intensity with them to Raleigh on Tuesday night...