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Rameses XVIII Has Died

Killed by Austin Rivers...with a trident.

The Daily Tar Heel is reporting that UNC's live ram mascot, Rameses XVIII has died of natural causes.

Rameses, whose unmistakable Carolina blue horns are a staple at UNC football games, died Thursday evening of natural causes.

The 18th Rameses will be buried at Hogan’s Magnolia View Farm. Every ram has been cared for by the Hogans since it became the University’s official mascot in the 1920s.

The ram was 8 years old, a typical lifespan of the horned dorset breed, said Ann Leonard, one of Rameses’ caretakers. She is the wife of Rob Hogan, a third-generation Rameses keeper who died in 2010.

“People love the ram, he’s a symbol and tradition for the University and for this family,” Leonard said.

To fill the shoes as UNC’s 19th Rameses will be a 2-year-old ram, affectionately called Bam Bam, who lives at Hogan Farm.

Rameses XVIII is most famous for how he inherited the job of UNC's mascot. He killed his father for it. Yes, that sounds like something out of ancient history but five years ago, Pablo, as he was known before taking the Tar Heel Matrix of Leadership, butted his father, Rameses XVII breaking the his horns. Rameses XVII died then days later and Pablo became Rameses XVIII.

The only other notable moment in Rameses XVIII's five year stint as UNC mascot came during the 2010 UNC-NC State game at Kenan Stadium when he stood calmly by and watch the now infamous two yard Hail Mary play transpire.

Rameses XVIII's restraint in the face of such a tumulus situation is to be commended, especially considering his reputation as a killer.

Now Bam Bam assumes the role of UNC mascot as Rameses XIX and the Tar Heels will go into the new football season with the old regime completely swept away...mascot included.