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SI Pulls the Curtain Back on UCLA Basketball

Well worth the read, especially in light of the things Sharon Drew has alleged about the integrity of Roy Williams and UNC in general. If what the Sports Illustrated article reports is true and it appears to be well researched, Some Other Kid and his mother will be a perfect fit in the complete clusterfark that is the UCLA basketball program.

Among the highlights are coach Ben Howland being anal about everything to players partying before practice, general team disunity and Reeves Nelson being a thug who intentionally injured teammates. There were also some NCAA violations mentioned like Bruins players partying at booster homes and getting limousine service from party to party.

At this point I would put Howland's chance of survival at less than even. UCLA is on the verge of missing the NCAA Tournament for the second time in three years. Losing is one thing but losing with a massive expose that says the coach had no control over the program probably means said coach will not coach past the current season.