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We Are Back Online and Yes the Name Changed[UPDATE: RSS Fixed?]

UPDATE: On the RSS feed issue. I think it is working now but Google Reader, for example, will not take just the plain URL, you need to use "" to subscribe manually. You can also click on the RSS symbol above the SEARCH THB on the right side of the header to access RSS too. Please let me know if this isn't working for anyone.

Not that anyone will really notice considering we only changed one word.

The site move went well, so well I only consumed one can of Diet Mt. Dew as opposed to downtimes at the office where I put down two 20 oz bottles of the nectar from heaven. Anyway, I am sure you are brimming with questions so I'll answer a few.

What changed besides the name?

The underlying web host the site runs on has changed. As most of you are aware the site could be slow when traffic was higher. For the past almost four years the blog had been running on a shared web host. It is now on a virtual private server which means we have dedicated access to a portion of the memory, disk space and CPU.

So will that solve the site slowness?

We will find out tonight. On the new host I will have more control over server settings and the ability to monitor how just our traffic effects the server.

Why did you change the name?

It made sense at this point to drop the "Fan" from the name to make the blog looks less like a fan site. It has always been our goal to run this site as a source of news and analysis in a professional manner.

If the name of the site has changed what do we call you?

Since the site is no longer Tar Heel Fan and we have multiple authors anyway, I will be changing my byline from Tar Heel Fan to my real name. C.Michael and Doc will keep their names as is.

Any chance we can get our avatars back?

Well, I probably owe you that much but instead of allowing custom ones here let me point you to Gravatar. All you need to do is register there with the same email address you use on the blog then upload an avatar there and it will appear on the blog.

Anything else?

The new URL is If you access this site via an RSS feed you will need to update your feed reader accordingly.

As will all transitions of this nature there may be minor blips. Please let me know via the contact form. Feedback from you, the reader, is extremely important in maintaining a stable web site. Don't assume I know something is broken, please let me know so I can look into it.

Now that we have that out of the way it is time to get ready for UNC-Duke tonight and to do check out this video of former UNC players and coaches in this "I Am A Tar Heel" video.