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Why Do Recruits Choose UNC?

Because it's awesome right?

CBS Sports looks into the question for both UNC and Duke. As expected, current and former players alike attributed their decision to UNC's rich history, the past players like Michael Jordan and gut feeling. For Jerry Stackhouse it came down to Duke signing Joey Beard?

Unlike Marshall, former Tar Heel Jerry Stackhouse did go through with his official visit to Duke. In his case, it took only one conversation with Krzyzewski to realize it wasn't the place for him.

"Carolina and Duke were both my list and I was real close with Grant Hill, so I spent a lot of time up at Duke just hanging out," Stackhouse said. "But while I was there for an unofficial visit, Coach K pulled me into the office and told me I needed to make a decision right then or he was going to sign Joey Beard. I was ornery enough at that time to say, 'Well, just recruit Joey Beard.' "

He did.

Beard ended up playing just 16 games for the Blue Devils before transferring to Boston University. Stackhouse led the Tar Heels to the Final Four in 1996 before becoming a first-round NBA Draft choice. He is currently Marvin Williams' teammate with the Hawks.

Of course, Stackhouse might still have chosen UNC over Duke even without Coach K's unsuccessful ultimatum. There were, after all, higher powers at work. As a native of rural Kinston, N.C., Stackhouse grew up in a family of devoted Tar Heel fans.

That point was driven home on a day when Steve Fisher of Michigan and UNC's Dean Smith were scheduled to make recruiting visits within hours of one another.

"Steve Fisher came to the house in the morning and Coach Smith came in later that afternoon," Stackhouse recalled. "When Coach Fisher came in, my mom put out doughnuts and coffee for him. Coach Smith was coming in at two.

"At about 12:30, I started smelling pork chops, fried chicken, cabbage and all this going on in the kitchen. So she made the decision for me. She was a big Dean Smith fan."

And then this happened:

The only shame of that dunk is Joey Beard wasn't under the basket when it happened.