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ACC Semifinals: UNC-NCSU Game Thread[UPDATED]

UPDATE: John Henson will not play today due the the wrist injury suffered on Friday vs Maryland

UNC's second straight game against a team they have already seen twice this season.

The bottom line here is I think UNC can win without John Henson providing a couple of things happen. First, James Michael McAdoo has to be a legitimate offensive threat. Secondly, Harrison Barnes, Reggie Bullock, P.J. Hairston and Kendall Marshall need to hit threes fairly consistently. If you recall from the game in Raleigh, NC State bet the whole farm on making the Tar Heel perimeter beat them. That is not going to change with Henson out (or less than effective if he plays.) That means frequent double teams on Tyler Zeller and the possibility McAdoo will only be guard with single coverage. If McAdoo is productive and the UNC perimeter shooters do what they did in Raleigh, UNC can win minus Henson. If not it could be a long day. Then again, that would probably be the case even if Henson played because the Wolfpack defensive strategy is probably not going to change much from the second meeting.

The bigger deal may be the defensive end and C.J. Leslie having a big game minus his arch nemesis. That points to a game coming down to which offense performs better.

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