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ACCT First Round Open Thread II

The evening schedule:

#7 Clemson versus #10 Virginia Tech, 7:00 PM

#6 Miami versus #11 Georgia Tech, 9:00 PM

Two more games that don't offer a whole lot of hope for anything exciting. Miami, like NCSU this afternoon, must take care of business today so as to have a shot at getting a resume building win against FSU tomorrow. As for the first game, watch, after years of having to watch Seth Greenberg sweat it out on the bubble, this will be the year the Virginia Tech goes out and wins the ACCT.

As with the afternoon session, I will be Liveblogging on the other side of the break.

19:18 - Energy here is kind lacking. I'd say 60% capacity, but even those who are here seem disengaged.

19:22 - VPI players are getting off the floor so much quicker/higher than are the Clemson players.

19:32 - Baciu is so much bigger in person than he looks on TV. He's pushing Tech players around like they are Weebles.

19:42 - Last media TO in the first half and the game is still competitive. Nice change.

19:49 - Clemson's Coleman has been quite impressive tonight. And unrelated, the number of players who have missed chippies today because they avoided contact instead of going straight up is far too large.

20:19 - VaTech's offense has gone completely stagnant. No one is even looking at the lane.

20:26 - Devon Coleman and Tanner Smith have been surprisingly good for Clemson. If they could get Jennings to play to his potential they'd be a tough out.

20:36 - Milton Jennings has his hands on his hips at every chance. Completely gassed.

20:49 - Clemson must be confused by the Carolina blue shirts in the crowd; playing like they are in Chapel Hill.

21:06 - The Hokies and Tigers are putting on a clinic on how NOT to win a game.

21:20 - Despite the end of game shenanigans, VaTech played pretty well. Would not be at all surprised if they give Duke a real test tomorrow.

21:41 - Reggie Johnson doesn't set a screen, he sets a stone wall.

22:03 - Can we give Miami back to the Big East and GTech to whoever will take them?

22:13 - The chances the I stay at this game beyond half-time are slim.  Very slim.