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Final Thoughts Before The Madness Sets In

If you have not done so, you have less than one hour to jump into the Tar Heel Blog Bracket Challenge. As it stands we have over 140 participants and I am pleased to announce the winner of the contest will receive a 3' x 5' North Carolina Tar Heel flag provided to us by the good folks at CVS Flags.

Final thoughts.

1. Teams with freshman point guards do not win national titles that often. Kentucky has that and by all accounts Marquis Teague is decent but not a great point guard. Of course UK also has what many consider a transcendent talent in Anthony Davis but all it takes is three quick whistles in the first half of a Sweet Sixteen game and the Wildcats could be in trouble. I expect Kentucky to be there at the end but it would not surprise me to see them shocked along the way as well.

2. Experience matters which is why Michigan State will get a lot of love and everyone is jumping on the Florida State bandwagon. Missouri is in a similar boat but lacks the balance and coaching to make it to the national semifinals in my opinion because I quite frankly I am not ready to live in a world where Frank Haith makes it to the Final Four. UNC is in great shape both in terms of experience and having the necessary parts provided the three point shooting shows up. Even if it doesn't the Heels are quite experienced in finding ways to win.

3. It would be nice to see the ACC show up big. NC State could make some noise and it would be interesting to see if we get a repeat of 2005 with both UNC and NC State playing in the regional semifinals with a shot to see each other again.

For the record here is my Final Four: Kentucky, Marquette, Florida St, UNC. UNC over Kentucky for the title.

In my opinion these are the greatest two days on the American sports calendar and three weeks that cannot be topped so sit back and enjoy the spectacle