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Kendall Marshall Practices; Gametime Decision on Sunday


Kendall Marshall participated in UNC's practice today providing a brief glimmer of hope. Inside Carolina has the best rundown of Marshall's practice and what he said after it.

Basically, Marshall was able to shoot the ball fine but had trouble catching and passing the ball. Since this is a 9.7 apg guy we are talking about I would much rather hear he had trouble shooting but the catching and passing were fine. According to the IC report Marshall has been fitted with a brace that will permit around 20% range of motion and at present he is able to make a fist without pain in the wrist. Even then the odds of him playing still seem remote.

When asked if he would play if the game were on Saturday, Marshall replied: “I wouldn’t play right now, but things can change in 24 hours. We’ll make a decision after shoot-around tomorrow.”

Marshall, his parents, head coach Roy Williams and trainer Chris Hirth will all be involved in the decision-making process.

"There are two things that have to happen: one, he has to feel comfortable that he's not hurting; and then two, I have to decide, 'Can he be effective in the game with his situation?'" Williams told reporters during his press conference on Saturday.

Roy Williams' comment here is a little more open to the idea of Marshall playing though much remains uncertain. It seems like Marshall is banking a great deal on the next 24 hours to bring enough improvement to be able to handle playing. At this point it looks like a long shot but with the season hanging in the balance I wouldn't rule out anything.