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Marshall Gets Removable Splint on Wrist

A two word tweet from Kendall Marshall around lunchtime set off a little buzz as to the possibility of the sophomore point guard getting on the floor for the Sweet Sixteen.

"Cast off"

According to Marshall's father Dennis via Robbi Pickeral at the case on the sophomore point guard's right wrist was removed in favor of a removable splint.

North Carolina point guard Kendall Marshall had the cast removed from his fractured right wrist on Wednesday and is now wearing a removable splint, the player's father said.

"All I know is he got it off this morning. Swelling is down, incision looks good," Dennis Marshall said in a text to

Reduced swelling and no complications with the incision is a good sign as is moving from a cast to a removable splint. In addition to what Dennis Marshall told Robbi Pickeral he also told Inside Carolina: "Everyone is happy with the way it's progressing." It still doesn't mean Marshall is playing and if you pressed me for an opinion right now I do not think he will play this Friday night. According to Roy Williams, preparation continues as though Marshall will not play with Justin Watts and Stilman White slated to fill in versus Ohio.

UNC departs the Dean Dome for St. Louis at 5:45 PM this evening in what is sure to be an incredible scene given the #PassFir5t movement that sprang up on Twitter in the past 24 hours. UNC fans are showing their support for Marshall by writing/painting the number 5 on their wrist. The Daily Tar Heel has a rundown of photos people have submitted. It is not my sort of thing but it is evidence just how beloved Marshall is among the fan base.