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Marshall Has Broken Right Wrist[UPDATED: Video Added]

UPDATE #3: Dennis Marshall, Kendall's father has confirmed to CBS Sports Jeff Goodman that his son will have surgery on Monday morning. According to him the issue of playing with the injury will come down to pain tolerance. CBS Sports Gary Parrish previously reported Marshall playing on Friday was "unlikely"

UPDATE #2: Here is video of the injury to Marshall. Not exactly a foul committed making a play on the ball was it?

UPDATE: The injury occurred on a Marshall drive to the basket and Creighton committed a hard foul(did they commit any other kind?)

Here is information on the type of injury here.

Roy Williams and UNC players were very emotional. Marshall had clearly been crying according to the assembled media. The wrist will be placed in a case "for his comfort" and right now there is no commitment one way or the other if he plays.


UNC has just announced Kendall Marshall suffered a broken right wrist in the Heels' win over Creighton. His status for the rest of the tournament is unknown at this point since Marshall is a left handed player. Obviously the severity of the break will govern whether surgery is required or it is something that can be immobilized and allowing him to play.

At this point it is tough to escape the feeling that this is just isn't meant to be with this being the third key player injured this season.