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NCAA Final Four Open Thread

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Both games in the Final Four are regular season rematches. I don't know the answer to this but I wonder when was the last time the Final Four had rematches in both games?

The first game offers a "hey it would be really cool to watch the state of Kentucky turn into a full blown riot if Louisville wins" angle to it. Plus that would be an epic upset and epic upsets in the NCAA Tournament are always fun(unless they happen to UNC.)

In the second game, it is rematch but when Kansas hosted Ohio State in December, the Buckeyes' Jared Sullinger did not play. That gives us a must watch match-up between Kansas' Thomas Robinson and Sullinger.

To be honest, I am not crazy about any of these teams but Ohio State is the only team that offers the "coaching going for his first title" storyline which is always nice. There is an air of inevitability to Kentucky winning the national title without UNC there to check them.

Comments if you have 'em.