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NCAA Sweet Sixteen Open Thread

The night before.

[table id=220 /]

Basically all of these games have a potential to be ugly. The fact four Big East and three Big Ten teams are involved has nothing to do with that I'm sure. /sarcasm.

In the early games you have Wisconsin's horrendous pace versus the Syracuse zone which means the Badgers are going to spend 30 seconds every time they come down in the half court zipping the ball around the perimeter then probably having their center chuck a three up. In the other early game Louisville has played some aesthetically displeasing basketball all season going against Michigan St who doesn't isn't going to win any beauty contests stylistically speaking.

The late games probably won't be much better though Ohio State is in the top 100 for tempo versus Cincinnati which is 278th. Mick Cronin also looks like a hobbit. Marquette is the closest thing to UNC left in the tournament in terms of tempo(15th) but will be facing a Florida team that prefers something slower. Marquette is the trendy Final Four pick because they play hard.

So prepare yourself to hear words like: grind, tough, hard working, etc, etc, etc.

Comments if you have 'em.