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Tar Heel Blog Bracket Challenge

Here we go.

Click here to head over the Yahoo! Sports and click on "Join Group" to fill out a bracket for the Tar Heel Blog Bracket Challenge. Use the following group ID and password to create your bracket.

Group ID: 91438
Password: goheels

Only one bracket is permitted per person and bracket picks DO NOT include the First Four games. The deadline for filling out your bracket is noon on Thursday, March 15th prior to the start of the second round games. For scoring we will be using Yahoo's default scoring which is: R64-1, R32-2, R16-4, R8-8, FF-16, Championship-32.

For the first time there will be a prize for the winner which will probably be me sending you one of my used and slightly stained UNC t-shirts.

Okay, not really. There will be something for the winner so don't slouch on your picks.