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UNC-Duke Game Thread

Another UNC-Duke season finale, another ACC regular season title gets decided. And it doesn't get old because unlike other rivalries touted by the national media as being more intense or whatever, there are actual stakes in this game. High stakes such as the #1 seed in the ACC Tournament and an inside line to a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Bragging rights? That's just the half of it.

Danny Green once talked about how satisfying it was to leave the floor after beating Duke in their building to the long faces of Cameron Crazies. These are students who have spent weeks living in a tent, show up and stand for hours prior to the game in body paint, funky costumes inside a building with no air conditioning. By the end of the evening they are sweaty, stinky and if the Tar Heels have their way realizing it was all for naught.

So here is to long faces in the crowd and another ACC regular season title at Duke's expense.

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