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Update from Press Conference/Open Practice

Surprisingly, a little more information than I thought would come out in the NCAA mandated press conference/open practice though nothing definitive about Kendall Marshall's status for tomorrow.

There are various tweets out there on what Marshall said doing his interview. ESPN's Robbi Pickeral had the best run down on it via her Twitter feed.

1.) He has not practiced, or handled the ball since surgery.

2.) He would get a new brace fitted if he were to play (one he's wearing is temp)

3.) His is currently not participating in open practice; he's watching from the bench.

4.) If the game were today, he says he would not play

5.) Factors of whether he'll be ready to play: range of motion and pain.

6.) Says he has confidence in his team, with or without him.

During Roy Williams' portion of the press conference, the Tar Heel head coach said he had a "strong, strong inclination" that Marshall would not play. He also indicated that the "committee"(my word not Roy's) making the decision on whether Marshall would play included Marshall himself, his parents, the doctor and Roy. According to Roy, it would take a unanimous decision from that group something he is not expecting to happen. As noted by Pickeral, the factors are range of motion and pain. Risk of further damage to the wrist is apparently not on the table and there would be a special brace used if Marshall does play. Range of motion and pain are not mutually exclusive since the pain is probably a limiting factor in the range of motion. Whatever brace Marshall wears will also impact his ability to move his hand as he normally would. The general feel from the player interviews is that Stilman White would start if Marshall is unable to play. On the other side, Ohio says they have prepared as though Marshall is playing with a "contingency play" if he doesn't.

Following the press conference UNC had open practice which is all about the dunks. Here are some of them. Yes, White actually has some nice hops.