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2012-13 Basketball Depth Chart

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Technically UNC has three open scholarships for 2012-13. Since no other players are coming in either via high school or transfer it is safe to assume preferred walk-ons Jackson Simmons and Luke Davis will garner two grant-in-aids for this season. Considering Roy Williams is aiming for a big haul in the class of 2013 it is unlikely Davis and Simmons will be on scholarship the following year unless NBA attrition creates additional scholarship openings.

Looking forward to 2013-14, Isaiah Hicks and Nate Britt will take two scholarships. Strickland's graduation plus the two slots being taken by Davis and Simmons opens up a total of five spots to fill and that is before James Michael McAdoo and possibly others make their NBA intentions known. At the very least UNC will have four scholarships available beyond Hicks and Britt to fill for 2013-14.