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ACC Sends UNC To Room Without Supper

The ACC Infractions and Penalties Committee has issued a public reprimand of UNC for the various NCAA violations committee within the football program.

By action of the ACC Infractions and Penalties Committee, the Atlantic Coast Conference has issued a public reprimand to the University of North Carolina. The reprimand follows the recent announcement of penalties imposed by the NCAA Committee on Infractions on UNC’s football program.

The ACC Infractions and Penalties Committee was formed in 1990, through a vote of the ACC members. The committee consists of one representative from each member institution and includes athletics directors and faculty athletics representatives. The Committee convenes following the NCAA Committee on Infractions announcement and its charge is to review and learn lessons from the case and make a determination relative to potential additional penalties by a vote of the committee members.

In accordance with the charge of the ACC Infractions and Penalties Committee, a thorough review of the University of North Carolina’s major infractions case was heard. As a result of the meeting, the committee acknowledged the institution’s corrective actions and the additional NCAA imposed penalties which included loss of scholarships, a fine, vacation of wins, three-year probationary period as well as a post-season ban that by ACC policy immediately results in the program being ineligible to compete for the 2012 ACC Football Championship.

The reprimand was issued by the committee to the University of North Carolina for its responsibility for the major violations documented in the NCAA infractions report. The committee was particularly concerned with the actions of personnel who committed serious NCAA violations regarding impermissible benefits, academic fraud and impermissible assistance, and/or improper relationships with sports agents. The reprimand also highlighted that the breadth and nature of the violations in this case should serve as a reminder of the importance of due diligence related to the personnel that interact with student-athletes and the importance of academic integrity as an ACC core principle.

UNC was also grounded for two weeks and had its xBox taken away for five days. UNC then rolled its eyes at the ACC, went into its room and slammed the door so hard the "DO NOT ENTER" sign fell off.

First of all, raise your hand if you knew the ACC had such a committee. Secondly, is this the most useless statement ever issued? UNC has been punished by the NCAA so I am unclear why the ACC felt the need to add its own reprimand unless there was some fear people might think the ACC actually condoned what UNC did which is just dumb. I suppose if you go through the trouble of forming a committee for infractions and penalties then said committee probably needs to speak up when rules get broken. UNC's official response was(in so many words) that the last two years sucked and they hope the school will be stronger in the future as a result.