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Basketball People in Motion

Just a quick rundown of some personnel moves/transfers.

  • Former Tar Heel Jackie Manuel has joined Wes Miller at UNC Greensboro as an assistant coach. Manuel recently served as assistant strength and conditioning coach for UNC.
  • Another former Tar Heel Bobby Frasor has been named Director of Basketball Operations at UAB under recently departed UNC assistant Jerod Haase.
  • Transfers: In a tradition unlike any other Duke has announced a transfer. Michael Gbinije will leave from the program for a destination yet unknown. Over at NC State DeShawn Painter and Jaqawn Raymond will also transfer. Painter is leaving due to a sickness in the family.
  • No word(that I've heard) on who Roy Williams will hire to replace Haase on the staff at UNC.

And finally I give you Tyler Zeller. Driving an Amish buggy. That is all.