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Seth Greenberg Out at Virginia Tech[UPDATED]

UPDATE: Virginia Tech has made it official. The press conference has spent a fair amount of time on the departure of the assistant coaches. James Johnson, who was Greenberg's top assistant turned down the same money to leave for Clemson. Weaver has only said he wanted more of a "family environment" in the basketball program i.e. they lacked camaraderie and continuity on the hoops staff. He also said since they were going to hire three new assistants they might as well replaced the head coach as well.

The Daily Press' David Teel is reporting that Seth Greenberg has been fired as Virginia Tech's head basketball. His relationship with the AD Jim Weaver has been cited as a reason for the termination.

Virginia Tech announced earlier in the day that Weaver would be holding a 4:00 PM press conference without stating the purpose setting off rampant speculation on a variety of possibilities. Greenberg's ouster was the top rumor early on except Greenberg himself denied to to reporters who called him by answering the phone with "Yes, I'm still employed." Just about an hour ago, reports began surfacing that Greenberg had indeed been fired.

The question is why now? What changed between today and the end of the Hokies' season that necessitated this change being made? The coach-AD relationship has been cited but did something happen to make that worse? The one notable shift in the program was the flight of assistant coaches with one joining former Tar Heel assistant coach Jerrod Haase at UAB and another leaving for Clemson.

Given the timing precludes making a solid hire, this is not great news for the ACC. Greenberg may have fallen short of expectations too many times but still rates as a decent coach. With Virginia Tech already missing assistant coaches, losing Greenberg in the middle of the April evaluation period put the program in a bad position. I would also expect VT's top recruit Montrezl Harrell(out of Tarboro, NC) to be back on the market.

Needless to say there will be a rather epic battle to see who can be a bigger dumpster fire next season: Wake Forest or Virginia Tech.