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Spring Game Primer

UNC will hold its annual spring game today and like any spring practice under a new coaching staff, it will garner more attention than usual. In this case all eyes will be on Larry Fedora's up-tempo spread offense as well as the new 4-2-5 defense.

The N&O's Andrew Carter has a nice rundown on what to watch with the new offense and defense being foremost on the list. The expectation is the defense will be much farther along than the offense. That is due, in part, to the defense being much easier to acclimate to than a full blown reconstruction of the offense. Not that there is much we can glean from a spring game anyway. Any stats are fairly worthless given how these games unfold. Regardless it will be a nice preview of what will be coming in the fall.

If you can make it to the game, there will be plenty to do surrounding the event itself. There will be music, vendors and player autographs on Stadium Drive prior to the game. Tar Heel Blue has full details here. If you can't make it to Kenan Stadium be sure to check the game out on ESPN3.