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Who Wants be an Assistant Coach at UNC?

The position of "assistant coach" in the basketball office has been posted by UNC. Officially you need a bachelor's degree. Unofficially you need to have played or coached for UNC in the past.

Position Summary

The purpose of the Basketball Program is to provide an environment for student-athletes to learn, advance and excel both academically and athletically. The primary role of this Assistant Coach position is to instruct team concepts and position skills, and promote safety matters during practices and competitions, and organize and conduct practice sessions. Assist with recruiting prospective student-athletes. Counsel and advise team members in accordance with the Head Coach. Abide by all UNC, ACC, and NCAA regulations. Must have a strong commitment and ability to motivate, teach, counsel, and recruit academically qualified student-athletes.

Qualifications and Experience

Strong organizational skills and effective communication skills essential. Successful intercollegiate coaching experience and or experience as an intercollegiate student-athlete in the sport of basketball at Division I level preferred. Thorough knowledge of NCAA and ACC rules and regulations essential. Ability to adhere to university and departmental rules and regulations necessary. Computer skills helpful. The ability to maintain high ethical standards Integrity, leadership, and a thorough knowledge of the sport are required.

Personally, Roy Williams simply needs to interview posters from the various UNC online forums. Given so many people out there are convinced they have all the answers, Roy would be a fool not to tap into their genius.

Hat tip: wb3