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ACC Came Within One Vote of Fining UNC $100,000

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Which was more than UNC self-imposed and the NCAA accepted.

Via ESPN's Ivan Masiel.

The Atlantic Coast Conference membership last month came up one vote short of fining North Carolina $100,000 for the NCAA violations committed during the tenure of former coach Butch Davis.

Instead, the league's Infractions and Penalties Committee issued a public reprimand of the university.

The vote of 7-4 in favor of the fine (North Carolina did not vote) fell one vote shy of the two-thirds majority needed to approve the penalty, according to two sources within the league. However, the failed vote indicates that a significant majority of North Carolina's fellow members took a dimmer view of the school's behavior than the issuing of a reprimand would indicate.

"We do not comment on actions not taken by the committee," ACC commissioner John Swofford said in an email Wednesday night.

Part of me actually wishes the fine had been approved just to shut up rival fans but then I remember that nothing short of dropping a World War II-era nuke on Chapel Hill will appease those people so it is probably better to simply watch them be pissed.

The fine required eight votes, it got seven with UNC's representative on the committee, Bubba Cunningham, abstaining. So who were the four who voted against the fine? No one knows but we can certainly speculate. Miami probably voted against considering the Hurricanes are facing their own NCAA violations and wouldn't want UNC to cast a vote against them when the time comes. Believe it or not, Duke probably voted against the fine. While UNC and Duke may be rivals, they also share a common goals and areas of focus such as basketball. The two schools can be, at times, strange bedfellows.

Outside of those two, it is hard to say but as Doc noted on Twitter, it would be hilarious if we found out NC State and Clemson voted against the fine.