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ACC Releases Early Season Game Times for Football

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You can look at the full league schedule here which covers the first three weeks in September. Here is what UNC is looking at for in the first quarter of the season.

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UNC has the three first games of the season televised avoiding relegation to ESPN3. Game times have something to do with that. For example, the Elon game will be at 12:30 which will roundly be complained about and result is some suspect attendance. However if UNC has the game at 6:00 PM chances are it would be pushed to ESPN3 which is exactly what happened to Florida State's first two games. The Wake Forest match-up will be carried on RSN or as most people know it, Fox Sports Carolinas or Fox Sports South. Since the game at Louisville is a non-conference away game, no game time has been set but it will be televised on one of the three ESPN platforms.

UNC will play at Virginia on Thursday night this season. Somewhere John Bunting cringing.