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Colin Moran Returns To Lineup

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All-American 3B Colin Moran returned to UNC's lineup on Wednesday night against Winthrop and boy did he make a splash.

Moran, who missed several weeks with a broken hand, went 2-4 with 2 RBIs and a home run as the Heels shutout Winthrop 2-0.

The absence of Moran, while not completely disastrous, did have a significant impact on the Heels. The Twitter account for Tar Heel Monthly tweeted out these stats comparing UNC with Moran versus Without him.

With Moran: 6.72 runs per game, .295 team batting average, 17-5 record.

Without Moran: 5.14 runs per game, .253 team batting average, 13-8 record.

During those 21 games, UNC had four losses by two runs or less. Assuming Moran's presence is really worth 1.6 runs not to mention how a timely hit here or there can change the way a baseball game unfolds Moran's return is a huge development.

As for any concerns about Moran getting on track quickly, he seems to have answered those.