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Hubert Davis Media Blitz

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As expected newly named UNC assistant basketball coach Hubert Davis was making the rounds with the media on Thursday just 24 hours after being named to his new position.. Two interviews to take in here. One is audio from his conversation with 99.9 The Fan's Adam Gold and Joe Ovies which is well worth a listen. If you can't's Robbi Pickeral covered much the same ground.

The big question was how did the hiring actually happen?

North Carolina coach Roy Williams received interest from at least 14 former Tar Heels players about his assistant coaching vacancy.

But in order to get the guy he wanted -- former UNC guard and ESPN college basketball analyst Hubert Davis -- Williams called him.

“Coach Williams asked me to come into his office; he wanted to ask me a favor,’’ Davis told Thursday evening. “I thought he was calling me in to change the dates of my camp [a Christian basketball camp he runs each year at UNC]. … But when I went into the office, he said, ‘I have a really big favor.’ I said, ‘OK, what is it, Coach?’ He said, ‘I want you to be an assistant coach on my staff.’

"I said, ‘What?’ It was a total surprise.”

Davis being hired was a surprise to many and clearly it was a surprise to Davis that he was offered the job out of the (Carolina)blue. That also means Roy did not entertain any of the fourteen former Heels who actually contacted him about the job but instead went after Davis. Obviously, Roy knew exactly what he wanted and though Davis would bring that in he came on staff. If you listen to the radio interview with Gold and Ovies, Davis says after talking it over with his family and praying about it he decided it was the right move for him. It is also an easy move since Davis already lives in Chapel Hill.

Davis' positive attributes have been covered in-depth and yes there will be a learning curve for him but what strikes me most is his humility as a person as well as being a family man. He also has lineage in the program that goes back to the great Walter Davis which had him at UNC when he was four years old watching the Heels play. In short, he is as true a Tar Heel as they come.

According to Davis he will officially start next week and must first pass the NCAA compliance exam before he is cleared to hit the recruiting trail.