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Latest NBA Mock Draft Projections

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Four players in the lottery?

A couple of recent mock drafts to see where Tyler Zeller, Kendall Marshall, John Henson and Harrison Barnes might be heading in late June

ESPN's Chad Ford has four Heels in the top eleven picks. Here is his rundown via Robbi Pickeral.

6. Harrison Barnes (to Portland)

Ford's Analysis: The Blazers grabbed this pick from the Nets as part of the Gerald Wallace trade. It's top 3 protected so if the Nets win one of the top three spots in the lottery, the pick will revert back to Brooklyn.

The Blazers need help at both backcourt positions and at center. Not sure that Barnes really qualifies as a 2-guard and, in some ways, he duplicates what the team has in Nic Batum. But Portland needs shooters and playerswho can score the basketball and Barnes is terrific at that.

9. John Henson (to Detroit)

Ford's Analysis: The Pistons really need both length and athleticism in their frontcourt. We've had Jared Sullinger in Detroit the past few mock drafts, but I'm getting a sense that a player like Henson, or even Arnett Moultrie or Meyers Leonard, may have a better shot. All three seem like a bit of a reach at No. 9, but long athletes don't grow on trees and the Pistons might have to just take a risk here.

10. Kendall Marshall (to New Orleans)

Ford's Analysis: We have the Hornets taking a power forward with their first pick (No. 4). The question here is whether they go for a point guard like Kendall Marshall or whether they add some help in the middle. Marshall is a pass-first point guard who makes everyone around him better.

11. Tyler Zeller (to Portland)

Ford's Analysis: The Blazers don't have much of anything in the middle. Although Zeller doesn't project to be a star, he is big, runs the floor well and has a soft touch around the basket.

Zeller and Barnes to Portland? That seem like a stretch plus I am not sure why Ford is spending this much effort tying these picks to team needs when the order is not fully set.

At Draft Express, Jonathan Ginvoy has four Heels in the top fourteen.

7. Harrison Barnes to Golden State

8. John Henson to Toronto

10. Tyler Zeller to New Orleans

14. Kendall Marshall to Houston

Again these are speculative since the order is not known and unlike Ford, Ginvoy is not taking team needs into consideration at this point.

If these projections hold moderately close to where they are and UNC has four players go in the lottery or close to it, you can bet Roy Williams will be there with all four players. One reason is that's the Carolina Way but the other reason being the free recruiting pitch he gets when he is seen hugging each player after their name is called.