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UNC Baseball Positioned For National Seed

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Could a #1 seed in the ACC Tournament be next?

UNC baseball throttled Virginia Tech 13-2 in the opener of the final series of the regular season. It was the Heels' 40th win of the season and 20th in ACC play. It is the 12th time in 14 seasons under Mike Fox UNC has won 40 or more games.

According to the latest RPI, UNC is presently sixth and should be a near lock for a national seed. One more win over the Hokies would probably do the trick however if the Heels sweep and get some help from NC State in the Pack's series vs Florida State, UNC could snag the #1 seed in the ACC Tournament.

As of this morning UNC is 20-8 in ACC and has already clinched the Coastal Division. FSU is 22-6 and well ahead of second place NC State in the Atlantic Division. By rule, UNC and FSU will be the top seeds in the ACC Tournament when it begins next week in Greensboro. In all likelihood UNC will end up as the #2 seed but there is a scenario which could move the Heels into the #1 slot. If UNC completes the sweep over Virginia Tech and NC State sweeps FSU then both the Heels and Seminoles will end up 22-6 in ACC play. The first tiebreaker is head-to-head which doesn't work since UNC and FSU did not play each other this season. By virtue of that fact, the second tiebreaker will not work either since that is based on winning percentage vs common opponents. UNC and FSU both played all the same ACC teams which means a coin flip would be used to determine the #1 seed.

So basically we are talking no better than a 50% chance it happens, probably less since I expect FSU will take at least one game from NC State even if UNC sweeps Virginia Tech. There is also the matter of NCSU creeping up into the national seed discussion as well which would be helped tremendously if the Pack were to sweep FSU on the road. UNC still has the inside track since the Heels have a better record vs the RPI top 50 and a much better record on the road than NCSU does.  UNC beating Virginia Tech tonight would make the discussion largely academic as the Heels have hit their stride at just the right time with a win streak that has reached eleven.

First pitch tonight at Boshamer Stadium is 6:05 PM with the regular season finale on Saturday at 2:00 PM.