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UNC Falls to Miami; Fox Suspended For NCSU Game

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Well, that didn't go well.

UNC had its 14 game win streak halted and fell to 1-1 in Pool B of the ACC Tournament with a 5-3 loss to Miami. The Heels rallied from down 1-0 and 3-1 to tie the game before Kent Emanuel surrendered a two run home run in the bottom of the 7th to give the Canes the final margin. UNC did manage to load the bases in the top of the ninth and had Colin Moran at the plate with two outs when the sophomore All-American third baseman took a borderline strike three to end the game.

Mike Fox, infuriated by the call, protested rather intensely to the umpires and was ultimately ejected despite the game already being over(I know, but it's baseball and stuff like that happens) The ejection means Fox will not be in the dugout for UNC's third game of the tournament against NC State on Saturday.

The loss to Miami was UNC's fifth straight to the Canes and seventh in the last eight games over the past two seasons. At this point playing Miami in baseball is a little like the basketball team going to Atlanta or the football team at Charlottesville. Apparently nothing good comes of it. It became clear in the 1st inning that Emanuel would struggle a bit against the Miami bats. Still it was only 3-1 when Grayson Atwood came on to pinch hit for the Heels in the 7th and tied the game with a two run home run before the Canes answered in the bottom of the inning.

UNC's biggest issue in this game was the offense. The Heels wasted at least two leadoff runners in scoring position including a Tommy Coyle triple that yielded zero runs. Moran, for as well as he had been hitting coming back from a broken hand has struggled in Greensboro going 1-10 with four strikeouts.

UNC now waits to see how the NCSU-Wake Forest and Wake Forest-Miami games shake out. If NCSU loses to Wake, UNC needs a Wake win over Miami and then beat NC State on Saturday to advance to Sunday's championship game. If Wake beats NCSU and then loses to Miami, UNC will be eliminated from title game contention by the time Saturday's game rolls around.