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Athletic Testing Results from the NBA Combine

More numbers that may or may not mean anything.

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Source: Draft Express

Actually there might be some insights in these numbers as it pertains to how Harrison Barnes played over the final half of the season or it makes him even more of an enigma than we previously thought.

Barnes posted a 38-inch standing vertical and a max vertical of 39.5 inches. You know this one.

The standing vertical was fourth best according to Draft Express. Couple that with his 3.16 time on the 3/4 court sprint the question arises whether Barnes' sprained ankle never quite healed until after the season. The dunk shown above was from the 2011 season when Barnes showed more explosiveness than he did this past season. On one hand, he did put on 15 lbs which should have made him an effective post-up player at times except Roy Williams did not utilize him there as much as he could have.

If Barnes was struggling with some nagging injuries during the latter half of the 2011-12 season it would explain a great many things. Certainly it would affect his ability to get to the rim more effectively and also compromise him as he attempted to drive by defenders. Whatever the case, the numbers alongside what was seen on the court during the season lends credence to the notion that Barnes was dealing with something medical.

Among the other observations drawn from the numbers is John Henson was on the low end for vertical leap and bench press. The latter isn't much of a shock and I guess the former isn't either. When you have his kind of length I guess jumping is not nearly as important. Tyler Zeller had decent vertical numbers and his 16 reps on the bench press was 8th overall. Kendall Marshall performed about as you might expect. He did not do the bench due to the injury to his elbow and wrist.

In case you were wondering how this information affect draft stock, Tyler Zeller is presently being hurt by his standing reach which turned out to be a little short for a seven footer. That has caused him to slip in some mock drafts to just outside of the lottery. Marshall was probably helped some by the combine since reports are he shot the ball well. Henson and Barnes appear to be locked into the top ten.