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P.J. Hairston/Dexter Strickland Updates

Dexter Strickland and P.J. Hairston met the media today. Here are the highlights.

-P.J. Hairston sprained his right shoulder three weeks ago but should be fine and is expecting to be playing again very soon.

-Yesterday Leslie McDonald claimed he was the best shooter on the team. Today Hairston takes a little issue with that saying he still is and that clearly McDonald has "his confidence back." Hairston did say last season's shooting slump was the worst he has ever had.

-Hairston has been working with new assistant coach Hubert Davis about whom he said, "He knows more about shooting than I do." Needless to say working with the shooters might be Davis' biggest impact early on in his coaching career at UNC. Hairston said he has tried to soak up as much information from Davis as he could.

-Hariston said he had a "heart-to-heart" with his parents after the season which helped him refocus. That may(or may not) be what he was referring to in this tweet from mid-May where he said, "Really about to change my life around, talked to a couple people in the passed few days that really made me get my priorities straight..." That is pure speculation on my part but putting it together with what he said to day makes a lot of sense.

-Strickland has been cleared to run and hopes to start doing more. Earlier in the day a UNC spokesperson said trainers have targeted August/September for a possible return to the court. No word on what his expected level of health would be at that point. According to the trainers Strickland is on schedule however using Leslie McDonald's rehab as a guide, it could be int0 November before Strickland is 100%.

-According to Strickland, Roy Williams has told him to focus on the PG position over the summer and as such he expects to see significant times there.

-Strickland says UNC players feel like underdogs going into 2013 and that has been a source of motivation for them.