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The Triangle Ryder Cup


This Saturday I will be joining other local bloggers at Knights Play in Apex to play in an event being dubbed the Triangle Ryder Cup. My internet based writing cohorts will be pitted against members of the local media. Here are the teams.

Team Internet

1. Shane Ryan (C) – Grantland, Tobacco Road Blues
2. Ben Swain – Oxford Public-Ledger Online,
3. Austin Johnson – Pack Pride
4. Will Brinson – CBS Sports ‘Eye on NFL’ blogger
5. Lauren Brownlow –
6. James Curle – Riddick and Reynolds
7. Brian Barbour – Tar Heel Blog
8. Matt Purdy – Captain’s Pick

Spiritual advisor, medic, fashion consultant – Derek Medlin

Alternates: Josh Goodson, Adam Rowe

Team Traditional

1. Mark Armstrong (C) – WTVD
2. Penn Holderness – NBC17
3. Mike Maniscalco – ESPN Radio 99.9, 620 the Buzz
4. Jack Daly – Raleigh News & Observer
5. Andrew Carter – Raleigh News & Observer
6. Joe Giglio - Raleigh News & Observer
7. Hayes Permar – David Glenn Show (Radio)
8. Larry Stogner – Captain’s Pick, ABC11

My golf game is in bad shape so there is no telling how this is going to go.

Of course this is not playing golf for the sake of playing golf. Shane Ryan of Tobacco Road Blues, who has organized the event, is also using it to raise money for Communites in School of Durham. Check out this information from Shane on what this charity does and how to donate to them.

As a part of the run-up to the event, Shane had members of Team Internet join him on The Walk-Ons podcast. Be sure to check that out where I, as usual, ramble aimlessly.