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ACC Kickoff Day 1 Wrap-Up

Look...actual football news that doesn't involve the letters NCAA or AFAM.

ACC Kickoff opened on Sunday in Greensboro with John Swofford addressing the media and players from the respective schools discussing the season ahead.

UNC sent starting QB Bryn Renner and linebacker Kevin Reddick who dealt with questions mostly pertaining to football and new coach Larry Fedora. Inside Carolina has video of their appearance with the media.

In personnel news, UNC announced that defensive players D.J. Bunn and Keeone Virgil were no longer with the team. No reason has been given for what can only be described as a sudden departure. It is important to remember two things. First, the current atmosphere at UNC with the academic scandal going on there might be little or no tolerance for issues in that area. Secondly, UNC is dealing with scholarship limitations for the next three years so it is possible players are getting a shorter leash.

UNC released the preseason depth chart which doesn't have anything overtly interesting besides the fact Jheraine Boyd is listed as a backup at wide receiver. Here is a player that blew up versus LSU two years ago but has not really put it together since then. By all account Boyd has incredible speed but that appears to be it. Also of note, T.J. Leifheit is listed as the third string right offensive tackle. Leifheit, who was highly touted out of high school, has also dealt with injuries while at UNC and no doubt that is impacting his standing now. Also of note, UNC has only one punter but with Fedora's up-tempo spread offense, they may not even need him that much.

The coaches meet with the media today in Greensboro and the various preseason prognostications will be made.