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So Where Did All The Tar Heels End Up?

Besides the ones we knew about in the NBA Draft.

Carolina March has a rundown of where most of the Tar Heels in the NBA ended up. For the most part a lot of players stayed put with Antawn Jamison and Raymond Felton among those who could end up moving. As for the newly drafted Heels, they are all four signed and ready to jump into their respective careers with the potential of a lot of playing time.

And that leaves the newcomers. Tyler Zeller has signed his contract with Cleveland. He will be playing in the Las Vegas summer league, learning how to work with point guard and ex-Blue Devil Kyrie Irving, while the Cavs save their dollars for less spend off-seasons. Harrison Barnes also won't see his team's roster change much, as they are approaching the luxury tax. (Keep in mind that Jamison is an option, though.) And the Bucksmight lose their star forward Ersan Ilyasova to the Nets, which would help John Henson get some playing time, as Milwaukee is lousy with power forwards at the moment.

Kendall Marshall also signed with Phoenix which traded Steve Nash to Los Angeles but signed Goran Dagic. It stands to reason Marshall will be given the keys to the car but that remains to be seen. The Suns have moved to collect some weapons for Marshall such as Eric Gordon and Michael Beasley. Marshall will also be playing in a PG-heavy Western Conference against the likes of Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Ty Lawson, Steve Nash and newly signed Jeremy Lin in Houston(if he ends up there)

The newly drafted Heels will spend some time in summer league getting acclimated to the NBA on a smaller scale before the pre-season cranks up just three months from now.